PFL and Extra PFL DHD52


How does playback and PFL work with DHD? I would like to use a different sound card for each playback and PFL.

Audio Devices:
Player 1 Playback / Dante 1/2
Player 1 PFL: Dante 3/4
Player 2 Playback: Dante 5/6
Player 2 PFL: Dante 7/8

Player 1
PFL logic: 357
Fader channel number: 35

It works if playback and PFL are on the same sound card but I haven’t figured out how to use a different sound card when PFL is on. I would like PFL a player already playing. “Allow simultaneous playback and PFL” is well checked in the configuration. How can I do ?

When I edit 2 tracks with the Mix Editor screen object I would like to activate PFL on a fader. My script doesn’t seem to be working.

Player PFL
PFL logic: 381
Fader channel number: 39

procedure OnExtPFLOn(Item: IPlaylistItem; ExtPFLCount: integer);
  DHDRemote(0).SetPFL(381, true, false);

procedure OnExtPFLOff(Item: IPlaylistItem; ExtPFLCount: integer);
  DHDRemote(0).SetPFL(381, false, false);

Thanks for your help.

Hi Alice,

should PFL be routed to the separate PFL speaker in your console? Then you might want to route PFL for each player to the same output. (Getting the DHD to accept this signal is another step ahead.)

Sorted regards


Hi Tondose,

Thank you for your reply. This is already the case, PFL is routed to the PFL speaker.
If player 1 is playing and I PFL player 1 on the same sound card, the two tracks will overlap. I didn’t manage to get the output 1/2 on the On button of the DHD and 3/4 on the PFL button on the same fader.

Do you have an idea for my second question?

Does the following script work:

  DHDRemote(0).SetPFL(381, true, false);

Simply run the script with Run Script in th configuration menu. PFL on the respective fader should activate.

Typically you would prelisten to the players using the regular channel CUE function of the console.

And for all other prelisten functions (item properties dialog, Mix Editor, etc.) you would use an extra soundcard that is routed to the PFL speaker (or your main monitor, whatever you prefer).

For the latter, I usually put a dummy toggle button on a hidden TFT view, and enter its logic ID as “External PFL” logic in the mAirList DHD configuration, and also use its logic to trigger an Output Function that routes the PFL input to the speakers and mutes the regular monitor.

Now when you start PFL playback e.g. in the Mix Editor, mAirList will activate the button, and that will trigger the output function and route the PFL input.

So you get the best of both worlds, PFL/AFL on the channel strips for the players and cartwall, and an additional PFL for all other functions.

But you need Toolbox access for that, I don’t think it works with the SX/SX2 wizard.

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This script turns on the PFL button of the first fader but nothing happens with the PFL logic number.

  DHDRemote(0).SetPFL(0, true, false);

I have the same problem with the SetFaderOn function, neither works. I must have made a mistake somewhere.

FaderStart(Ch), Addr : 380
PFL(Ch), Addr : 381
FaderFct(Ch), Addr : 382
FaderFct2(Ch), Addr : 383

  DHDRemote(0).SetFaderOn(0, true);
  DHDRemote(0).SetFaderOn(380, true);

How to prelisten a player who is already playing (to listen to the end of the current song) using the PFL button on the fader of player being played?

You cannot use SetLogic to open faders or switch PFL. These logics are “read only”. You must use SetPFL and SetFaderOn for that.

I understand logics are “read only”, I would like to use the SetFaderOn function but neither of these two lines works. Where did I make a mistake?

DHDRemote(0).SetFaderOn(8, true);
DHDRemote(0).SetFaderOn(4104, true);

I have imported the *.dpx file into the mAirList configuration, players are well configured. However, the “DHD Console” window is empty. Where did I make a mistake?

How can I use the “SetFaderOn” function?

Thank you.