Perhaps this is not really a request

I just found something interesting about spotify. As you may know, one of the most used automation software wich is used for huge radiostation has implemented a spotify player.
Lots of people tought that the software had a special deal with spotify. Well i just found a link what proves it is possible to implement in other software (perhaps mairlist somewhere in the future?)

Just would luke to see your yought about this…
Should spotify be implemented in mairlist? And why yes or why not?

Here is the link for people who are interested:

As stated in Spotify’s terms of use, it is illegal to broadcast their content. So that may (sadly, maybe) answer your question.

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In the netherlands al the big stations use omniplayer. That has a bult in Spotify player. And the use it all the time.

I do not know Spotify’s Netherlandish terms of use, so I judge from the German point of view: Illegal acts do not become more legal, the more people commit them.

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Maybe is it possable to setup the Spotify Plugin with a new terms of use for Mairlist?
A new plugin for Mairlist so that the user can choose whether he wants to use this plugin.
Omniplayer, and a number of other players support Spotfy for years…

Omniplayer uses an old client SDK which is now outdated. It does still work if you have it in your application, but Spotify does not issue any new API keys for new applications anymore.

Even though promised by Spotify years ago, no replacement for that SDK has been released since years ago. In fact, there is no SDK/API for Windows desktop apps at all at this time, only for iOS, Android and web-based applications:

Bildschirmfoto von Google Chrome (27-01-20, 13-58-36)

See for yourself here:

So it’s technically impossible at this time.

Hi. The reason why i opened this was to see how people.think about using spotify.
I understand that you wouldn’t implement a thirthparty spoftware in your own created software.
I was just wondering what the toughts were of the users… (this is why i called it ‘perhaps this is not really a request’)
I like sharing toughts with people and not always want specific requests really implemented in mairlist.
For me… all my music is original and in my studio, spotify isn’t on any pc:)

For me personally i don’t think you should implement it. But that is my tought :wink:

I would really love to have it in mAirList, but it’s just not possible at this time, due to technical and legal reasons.

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