Paying again if software upgraded soon?

I have been trialing the software and have built an interface to work with my new mixer and all is good (although I nearly threw the PC out the window trying to get it all to work! :o)

Now the time has come to let the moths out of my wallet and buy it outright. However I notice that the company does up grade from *.— to the next number up quite often. The small print says the upgrades ar free for minor upgrades but you have to pay again for the major ones i.e. from 3. to 4.

My question is I would be gutted if I pay for the software today and next week there is a major upgrade. I’m not saying that it should all be free but what if the upgrade is soon after you buy it? I can’t afford to buy it all again…times are tough. :frowning:


First of all, I can say that there is no 5.x coming “soon”. There will be a 5.x one day, of course, but it will take a while.

In the past I have been very generous when it comes to free upgrades for users who had recently bought an older version. Last time the free upgrade period was 6 months, if I recall correctly.

Thank you very much for your quick and understanding response. I am sure that your reply will help others (like me) make a positive decision to buy.