Password protect Database app


Is there a way to password protect the database application the same way you can with the control panel?

I don’t want the presenters to have the ability to add/remove/edit music in the database.


This is supported for the PostgreSQL and MSSQL backend, as it uses the SQL users and roles for user management. Not supported for the local mode DB.

Setup summary (for PG here; MSSQL is similar):

  1. Go to mAirListConfig, database properties, Security tab, and click the “Create Security Roles” button, then the “Set Role Permissions” button. The PG database user being used here must have permissions to create roles!

  2. Open pgAdmin, you should see a couple of new (group) roles: mAirListAdmin, mAirListManager etc. The roles are:

  • Read-only
  • Studio (Read-only + write access to playlist history table)
  • DJ (Studio + create/edit playlists)
  • Folder Manager (DJ + move items between folders in Library)
  • Manager (Folder Manager + full Library editing)
  • Administrator (Manager + full configuration rights)[/li][/list]
  1. Create new (login) roles for your user(s) and assign it one of the “mAirList…” roles as required.

  2. Go back to the database properties in mAirListConfig, Settings tab. Check “Management software required login” in the options list.

This will bring up a login dialog every time you run the mAirListDB software (as a separate process from the Windows Start Menu).

When you access the DB window through the green button in the playout window toolbar, you will always work with the “default login” credentials (see Connection tab in the DB properties) and the associated rights. It’s a good idea to create another login role with the “mAirListStudio” permissions for the Default Login - “studio” is essentially read only access, so the users will not be able to make any changes when opening the DB window from the playout module.