Oxygen 3000

Hi everybody.
Can I interface an Oxygen 3000 mixer (Axel Technology) with Mairlist ?
I’m using v6.2.

Hi Philippe,

What do you have exactly in mind with “interfacing”? According to their Website, the console is sporting 2 USB-Inputs as well as 2 USB-Outputs. Further (analog as well as digital) in- and outputs have to be connected via separate sound device. Signalling can/has to be interfaced by the usual suspects, i. e. I/O-Warrior- or Velleman-Boards.

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I assume, @Clogfan wants to know something about remote control functions with this mixer. :thinking:

Possible with separate I/F-Boards, as mentioned above.

I have the Oxygen 3000 Plus complete working over UDP in mAirList.
But you need the V7x Advanced Plus license.

Hello, I planinng to buy Oxygen 3000 Plus mixer, wit the license, is the mixer fully working with Mairlist? Thank You.

Yes, 100%
But get the correct version v7 advanced Plus or higher


Yes, understand, I do have purchased the Plus License where do I have the Axel Tech possibility.

Thank You very much for Your answer.



Hi, hello.

Please forgive me if I ask a stupid question.
If I have 3 players set up in my mAiRlist, will I be able to connect them in Oxygen3000 Plus with specific faders if I have “only” the 8 fader 1x USB version of the console?

I don’t need to buy the 12 fader version with two soundcards, right? :man_shrugging:t2:
Thank you :pray:t2:

I do not use the USB for mAirList, I use the Dante channels.
But you can assign your Line inputs also.
I am not aware of your setup as it is now.

Ok, so You have Dante options too. I never worked with Dante platforms, but it seems to be a good choice. Sorry for my stupid questions, but if I have miniPC from which I use marliest, I can connect Oxygen via cat5 with pc thru ethernet connector, or switch, and with this one cable, I can set many (as much as I have options, like 16 or 32) inputs from pc?
Do I get it right?

Thank You

You need one Ethernet port for config and another dedicated one for Dante.
Also Dante Virtual Soundcard is needed

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Hi, sorry to bother you again.
So I don’t need to buy Oxygen 3000 Plus with 2 I/O sound cards, one I/O + Dante option is for fully connection with mAIRlist enough?
Thank you

Dante Virtual Soundcard gives you 8 Stereo channels.
Then you alsdo have up to 5 Mic inputs, a POTS for Telophone, multiple Telco slots for external hybids, USB and Bluetooth.