Overlaps / mix editor

Hi Torben

Ive got the following problem with the overlaps , version 4.38 1874 will not remeber it settings. when setting in the mix editor it will disapear . What is strange , this problem i did not happen before can you please check


Overlaps screen dump


Remember that you need to save the Playlist for those settings to be ‘remembered.’


Hi Cad

I do that all the time , but it is in version 4.4


I have the same problem using mAirList version 4.3.4 build 1853.

Yesterday I doublechecked all the settings in the Mix Editor. Afterwards, I saved the playlist. This morning the settings were ingnored during playout. When checking the mix editor, some settings are back to start.

Torben, can you please have a look at this? Happened again today, very annoying.

Hi adriaan,

Ive got the problem in verision 4.4 not in 4.3.

Torben, any clue yet?