Out of Bounds error

This happens when trying to save a playlist from mAirlist. I have the new release for 3.1.
I have attached the bugreport to this post, hopefully a solution is possible.

bugreport.txt (30.4 KB)

How many items (audio files, plus any commands etc.) were ‘unplayed’ in the Playlist at the moment when you tried to save it?


It happens when items are unplayed or played.
Let me clarify, I open an existing playlist in mairlist from the database. I make some amendments to the list in mairlist and try to save it as a playlist using the save function. It then gives the error message out of bounds error (3).
The same happens when trying to export a playlist from the mairlist database.

The issue should be fixed in build 751 which I just uploaded as a snapshot. Thanks for reporting!

Thank you Torben, excellent service as always!!!

You know, I don’t sleep well when there’re known issues in my software :wink: