Opus Encoder

For testing I have setup a new stream in the encoder for Opus.
First I figured out that, that there are no meta data transfered to Icecast.
Now have recognized, that I got short interruptions in the streams. In the Opus stream there were more and longer interruptions as for the MP3-streams.
The interruptions happend a few in an hour. For the Opus stream more and sometimes also a few in a row and also for longer time than for the MP3 streams.

So I got a feeling that the reason for that could be the Opus stream. So I disabled the Opus stream and I haven’t recognized any interruptions in the streams since more than 3 hours.

So I am quite sure, that the Opus stream was the problem. The CPU power is now only between 6-9%. With the Opus stream it was about 50% higher. But anyway, the CPU power should be not the problem, I think!

@UliNobbe I have missing a category error.

Yes, that’s correct. It’s an Icecast thing.

Couldn’t reproduce it on a test stream. Maybe you allow me to send on your tester?

During my test sending OPUS, mAirList used between 2 and 4% CPU.