Optional, really basic, Extra PFL window

I really like the pop-up “Extra PFL” window. Works really well if your’re looking for a segue.

It would help us a lot if there was a really stripped-back option for the pop-up PFL window. No tabs. Just clickable waveform and something like the current bottom “bar” (with play/pause, horizontal scroll, [OK] and [Cancel]). It would be extra helpful to be able to select either full-strength (the current window’s behaviour) or lite for each playlist.


I should call that a great idea.

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Cameron, just to clarify, which window do you mean when you say “Extra PFL”? The one that pops up when you activate PFL mode in a player?

(Originally, in very early versions, the term “Extra PFL” referred to the function that lets you listen to a track which is not already loaded into a player - essentially what’s the Cue Editor tab in the Properties dialog today.)

I have my players configured to PFL in situ by activating the button with the headphone icon. No window pops up when the player’s PFL is active.

The window I’m referring to is what you might call the item properties dialog. If activated via PFL on a playlist’s context menu (or via an icon click if that feature is enabled), the dialog opens with the Cue Editor page selected.


Thanks for giving it your consideration. Would it be OK to post a mock-up of my proposal?


It also opens when you call the properties dialog from the context menu of an active (or loaded) player. :wink:

Sure! Go ahead.

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This should convey the rudiments of what I have in mind.

The Normalize button is from the Playback page. It’s the only other function from the other property pages that our presenters might use from time to time.


If the Normalize button and the timer were optionally visible (or invisible), that would be great.

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That’s the point. It’s exactly the same dialog as for “Properties”; the only difference is that it jumps straight to the Cue Editor tab and starts playback.

So @Cameron’s proposal would essentially mean we would have yet another dialog. Or hide all other tabs. I see things getting complicated if some users want it this way and some want it that way…

@Torben I understand that you don’t want to build a dialog constructor kit.

The use case is solely to limit the item manipulation functions available to our non-professional broadcasters. My preference is to have all methods of opening the current dialog change to open the minimal one if the controlling option is selected. The default behaviour of such a controlling option would be exactly as it is now.

I can live without the Normalize button and the timer if that makes it easier.


@Torben, as a more generic aproach. How about putting the Set Options for CuePoints, Usage of normaliszation etc. into the user management?

So user rights would limit the usability of certain functions of the dialog? Should be smoehow adjustable, as other radio station might want different right settings.

Yes, that’s the long-term goal…