Option to always expand the root node of the (file) tree control

There is no visual differentiation between expanded and collapsed root nodes on the browser’s (file) tree controls. Consequently, users need to double-click on the node (or type a ‘+’) to determine whether the root is collapsed or empty. IMO this is an unnecessary UI interaction.

Could we have an option, that defaults to false (i.e. current behaviour) that when set true always places the root node in expanded state?

In our particular case, the root of one of our browser panes is often empty and is populated by processes outside the playout operator’s direct control. The operator can never be certain whether the root contains anything without the following interaction sequence.

Is it collapesd? Double click. Nothing changes.
Press F5 to refresh content. Nothing changes.
Perhaps it was expanded when I started and it’s now collapsed… Double click.
Press F5 to refresh content. Discover items of interest (that were there all along).

If an always-show-expanded option were available, the above interaction could be reduced to a single press of F5.

Thank you for your consideration.