On-Air and Off-Air soundcards


New to MairList and using it fot a while now. Verry happy with it!

I run a small non stop internet station but sometimes i want to go on air and make a show.

I dont think my request is very hard but i cant figure out how to make it happen.

When switchted OFF AIR i want the soundcard for playlist (running automated) to be set to “Encoder” and line in of the encoder set to “Encoder - Master” so i can use my mixer for other purposes but my playout keeps running,

When switchted ON AIR i want the soundcard for playlist (running assisted) to be set to the soundcard going to my fader for player 1 of the playlist and line in of the encoder set to the master out of my mixer.

How can this be done? Thanks a lot!

Hi and welcome to our mAirList community. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sorry that it took so long for me to answer.

I have a (quite simple) solution for you.
However, let me ask you a few questions in order to avoid misunderstandings.

  • The stream for your radio station is running 24/7 from your PC, so you only have to switch between Automation and Live Assist?

  • Why do you use a switch “On / Off Air”?
    Is there anything combined with it or is it only to show you that you are live on air (you know best, don’t you?)

  • Is there a mixer involved that shall be turned on or off when you are live or not?

  • Do you use a soundprocessing (hardware or software) and is there any difference if Automation is running or Live Assist?

Let us know how your radio is running and we will share our experience that hopefully meet your requirements.
Thank you.