NowPlaying only display "Music"

Hi there,

Does anyone know how we could alter the default Now Playing script to only export a Artist and Title if it is a “Music” file vs eg. a Voicetrack.

Does anyone have a solution (maybe 3rd party software) to ftp upload this there website on every file change?


Most people place a private PHP script on their website that receives the currently playing item from mAirList via an HTTP call (no need for a script then, just use mAirList’s HTTP POST logging). That PHP script then saves the information to the website database or wherever (actually depends on how the website is implemented).

Ahh I see,

Does anyone have a example “script.php” which you can send me as an example of what you are using to receive the Artist and Title from your Mairlist database and then show on your website?

I do know a little bit of PHP and with some direction I could probably do it.

First question is, where will your website save the information? Does it already use a MySQL (or similar) database for any kind of dynamic content? Or is it just a plain static HTML site?

Yes I do have a MySQL Server I could use. Ideally a HTML Page is easier but either is fine.