NowPlaying Notification Script

Hi Guys,

I’ve been playing around with the NowPlaying script where it puts the current playing track into a TXT File.

Does anyone know if you can or how you would automate the automatic upload of this file to a FTP (WebServer)? Or is there any 3rd party software anyone knows of that could detect a changed txt file and automatically upload it?


Have a look at our webpage under “Software” -> “Shoutcast Interface”

Just enable the ftp part of it and let it run as trayicon.
It contains a complete documentation.


Coool! thankyou :slight_smile:

I’ve configured the FTP_engine and found it works when I run FTP_engine manually.

I could set up a scheduled task or use your Scheduler program to upload every 5 seconds but it makes the mouse turn into a circle loading icon every 5 seconds, it gets rather frustrating. Is there away to have it completely hidden?


Will not hide the circle just make it appear less often. Change 5 seconds to 60 seconds.

This way you should stopmiss details of most of the jingles being played getting uploaded.

Failing that auto ftp:

Hi Ethan,

never seen that circle under XP before. Must be something related to Win7 when a program gets fired off, I guess…

you could also use the Shoutcast interface program and only enable the FTP-section of it.
It reads the dumpfile constantly and only triggers the ftp if the dumpfile changes.

But I see the version on the webpage is only V4.1.6
This version cannot be run as trayicon.

Let me upload V4.2.1 tonight (around 6pm)

The intend of the scheduler included is to run the FTP_get program at the transmitter site constantly in order to fetch the data off the webserver for feed to the RDS encoder.


In the end, I found a program which maps a FTP to a network drive letter eg. Z:\ and I’ve got mairlist exporting to that :slight_smile:

Please share, the software found was?

Net Drive :slight_smile:

I should add here that NetDrive is only free for home use and thus it is not free for broadcasters; however, their licences are cheap! US$29 for first licence, decreasing thereafter if you need to use it on more than one PC.