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Hé Guys

For my new internet site i am looking for a now playing script for mairist

what id need to reed directly from mairlist is:

next record

now playing

previous record

i have checked for joomla . My site is made in joomla 1.7 . FD shoutcast plays only the actual and the last played song from the shoutcast server

My website is on

Thanks for helping out


Goos Mante

Saw the now playing script from Torben. Before i want to use this . Can you please explain me how to set this up to my windows 2003 server. (where mairlist is running on ) My site is running on a vps server Linux based. Do I have to rewrite the script for this ?

If Torben can help me out it would be great

Infact i can make a html module for joomla what is pointing to the script if needed

again i need a

now playing script for

next record
now on air
previous record