Noti. Scripts - Length?

I have customised the HTML export notification script so that it just exports to a txt file (for our own needs) - but is it possible to tell mAirList to ONLY do this if the file being played is longer than, say, 30 seconds? This stops sweepers being shown under Now Playing, which would make things look a bit more professional.

Been there, done that… Had that one :wink:

Aha thanks - I’m useless with searching!


RE that script…

It doesn’t seem to work any more, even with the minor alteration at the end. When trying to launch it from ‘Actions’ when IN mAirList, I get:

[Error] (12:8): Unknown type ‘INotification’

Any theories?

Something I forgot to mention via MSN…

The first number before the colon (12) is the line number… In notepad, you can use CTRL-G to jump to a line-number - Very useful for long scripts, saves you counting.