Not remembering windows possition

As also in 4.4 the only window staying in it’s place is the main screen.
The Cartwall and File browser Won’t keep the current (assigned) position.

This was due desktop position setup, is there any fix for this yet?


Custom layout or automatic layout?

Custom layout Torben.
And for clarity, it is a multiple monitor setup with one monitor above the others.

If it’s custom layout, I think the cartwall and browser windows use the positions from layout.ini?

Try to open the Layout Designer, move the cartwall to a new position, save and restart mAirList. Does it appear at the new position?

No, stays the same.
Also in config giving it a monitor number nothing happens.
Fyi, Saving Collumn Layout also does not work.

Should I Mail you my config folder?
Maybe there is a error in one of the files.

I’ve sorted the Collumn Layout by removing the ColWidths & ColumnOrder in the Skin.ini

Got an idea yet?
It is very annoying having to drag each window in position every time on startup.



I have same issue, Cartwall never gets remembered. I have a three monitor setup. It’s setup to be a full frame on Window 3, yet opens as a small on WIndows 1 everytime. Same issue in 4.4 as well.

Meanwhile I tried a lot of options but everything keeps starting on monitor 4.
Really need to have the Cartwall on no. 6, Main program on 4 and the database browser on no. 2 (all maximized)

Hope you can find an solution Torben.




Dam, that’s a heck of a monitor setup. Nice. Bet you got a large workspace for that lot :slight_smile:

Here a little bit of my setup :slight_smile:


Nice! Those wouldn’t happen to be JBL Control 1s would they?

I’ve got a pair of the JBL Control 1 Pro’s in white. Awesome speakers.

JBL UniversE with seperate Sub.
Good sound!


We have the same problem with the cartwall window.
Did you find the solution, Ferry ?


We think there is an error in the layout which can not be easily repaired. Torben knows about it.


I have to correct myself, sorry: Concerning version 5.x, you are right.
However, from version 6.0 on it seems to work. I had only one screen to test, but using “restore last position on seperate screen” worked.

Je m’excuse pour le malentendu; apparemment je n’ai pas fait de recherches correctement.

I am on Version 6.3.something and I have the issue of repositioned Windows on every Start of mAirlist.
I have a detached Cartwall and a detached browser running. They are always moved to the primary monitor, right hand edge.

Unfortunately I can only test it on one monitor. Here it seems to work fine.