Non Audio Items at Top of Playlist

As of the latest version, it seems that Non Audio Items (such as scripts and dummys) seem to disappear ? For instance, you have a header-line on your M3U playlists in the form of a DUMMY which denotes the playlist hour (as created by StationPlaylist) - and mAirList “gobbles it up” when loading it :frowning:

#mAirList DUMMY 0 START OF HOUR 16:00 - DRIVETIME #mAirList COMMAND [OnAir - Drivetime] RUNSCRIPT D:\mAirList Files\Profiles and Scripts\OnAir - D:\Station Jingles\TOP OF HOUR\Top Of Hour - Smokey Jazz.mp3 D:\AUDIO TO IMPORT\Arctic Monkeys - I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor.mp3 D:\AUDIO TO IMPORT\Lightning Seeds - Change.mp3

There is a playlist option “auto move non-playable items to history”, did you activate that one accidently? It was introduced in v2.1.18.

Ahh, yes - that was it. Thanks!