No more sending in http post

I have an HTTP post multipart request that sends the artist name, title and cover to a service provider for DAB+ display.
Since Monday, and without modification either at home or at ours, the request no longer runs.
After several tests, the service provider no longer receives anything.
I don’t have any error message in the logs.
How can I verify that the query is running on my side?

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The best way would be to use Wireshark to confirm that the query is sent by mAirList, and check what repsonse the server gives.

Le probleme pourrai venir d’une mise ajour de la machine émettrice de HTTP, et quand je parle de mise jour je pense juste à une mise ajour firewall ou antivirus un truc tout com test en désactivant le firewall

traduction Google : The problem could come from an update of the machine sending HTTP, and when I talk about update I just think of a firewall or antivirus update something all com test by disabling the firewall

Hi Torben,
Thanks for your answer
for some unexplained reason, we managed to fix the problem. we recreated an http post request and since then we have managed to get the connection between mairlist and the service provider again.
strangely, we have not changed anything, neither on his side, nor on ours.
problem solved