No database playlist

Since a few weeks it sometimes happens that no database playlist is created by an event. The log file states that the playlist has been created. When I look in the database, there is no playlist ready. Version 7.2.5

Hi Peter, there’s a thread in the german section that maybe describes the same error. It turns out that rounding differences in Delphi causing errors like Playlists that are not visible but created - after the restart of mAirlist they are visible again.

Torben is determining the problems for some weeks now with special debug versions.

Would you be so kind to read the thread with a translator and take a look if these are the same problems you encounter?

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Symptoms are:

  • Playlist is displayed and loaded only for every 3rd hour (those that divide by 3: 0, 3, 6, etc.)

  • Playlists reappear after a restart of mAirList.


Hello Stefan & Torben,
This morning at 7 AM it happend again.
I just restarted the application and didn’t see the playlist in the database at 7 o’clock. As if no playlist had been made. The most remarkable thing is that the log file indicated that there should already be a playlist. (Database: 1 hours are already scheduled, advancing…) PS I’m sure there wasn’t a playlist for that hour.
Then I should see an playlist in the database, but the hour is empty.