No carts in cartwall

Hi all, I have a problem that no carts are shown (see picture) in the cartwall. I can add jingles, I can see on my mixer that the file is loaded into the cartwall, but it is not shown in the cartwall. I have tried to adjust this via the skin.ini but that was not the solution. Does anyone have an idea.

Thanks in advance.

I believe this is a bug.

I had such an error before, I had to close the entire cart once using the red X and then open it using the icon in mAirList.

After that, the carts were displayed again.

Hi Gregor_G,

You were right. It seems a bug. The procedure you named, did not bring the sollution, however the update from 6.3.19 to 6.3.20 did the trick… Thank you very much. Have a nice weekend.

Ok, it work for a few hours enough to create a number of nieuw pages with jingles. After restarting mAirlist the situation is the same as before. I am puzzeled.

When I start mAirlist:

When I loaded the page that I have created earlier or create a new page:

This is driving me crazy.


This seems a bug. I know a workaround. The cartwall page is loaded blank when starting mAirlist, but appears when I click on de the cartwall icon/button in the toolbar. Would be nice to have it fixed!

Version: 6.3.20