Nice Layouts

Hi all,

Am at a station that is currently using BCX3 but we are not happy with it as it was never finished properly and some features don’t work as they should. Looking at mAirList as an alternative and love what I see so far, but I’m no good with the layout and designing side of things.

Does anyone have any nice layouts that they are willing to share? I’ve not been able to find many on the forum so far.

I love the RCS layouts, but I’m only using one screen so doen’t work very well for us.

Any feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

Chris Skinner
Hemel FM

Hi Chris,

i created this one:

It is based on “Radiomax”, here you can download the ini’s,1861.msg18620.html#msg18620

Chris, I don’t know what BCX looks like, but I know a man who does: Charlie Davy (user ID Charlie) is the guy to ask about that. He’s the expert in, uh, ‘clone’ layouts which ‘resemble’ :wink: other playout systems. And he’s commented here in the past about BCX, so I know that he is familiar with it. He’ll also be able to tailor it (in terms of colours, fonts, etc. to your needs if you ask him nicely.

Paging Mr. Davy! … ;D


Here are is a layout that I am setting up for Hospital Radio Medway.
Clicking cartwall button on main screen fills the bottom two thirds of the display with the cartwall.


Main Screen.jpg