Next song gets "stuck"

Can someone explain, why the next song stutters at the beginning of the track? This started happen to me with the newest version of mAirlist, I downgraded it to 6.1.13 to test it it helps. The issue is there too.

Here is an audio clip for you to analyze: stutter_mAirlist.mp3 - Google Drive

Note: it doesn’t happen every time, but most of the cases it will.


Sounds strange, indeed.

One thought, not sure: Have you switched all audio decvices in the mAirList configuration to WASAPI?
No DirectSound, no mix of both?


Audio Devices: everything is Direct Sound except Default record device which is “WASAPI: Speakers”
Voice tracking, mic input is “WASAPI: Speakers”

Haven’t touched these settings at all after installation.

I am testing the software for a month now to see if it’s suitable for my needs…we’ll see. :wink:

Please change those Audio Devices to WASAPI and test if this changes the behaviour.

OK, did that. Now the stutter is gone, but there’s occasional “cut” when hitting next. You hear it after K-Maro’s song and after Lady Gaga’s song. Link below again.

HOWEVER: when I played all those above tracks again, everything’s fine. Maybe that stutter OR cut is just “a first time thing” when audio loads and it does something to to cue points if not set?