Next Scheduled not vissible if connected to DB Server

When I connect to the Database via a remote computer, the database is accessible and functional.
Only I do miss the Next Sheduled Collumn data. (Prev Scheduled is showing data)

V6.2.5 build 4155

Server and client both on the same version?

Yes both V6.2.5 build 4155

More trouble.
Did added new songs on the main machine.
Did Sychronise
New numbers show there.
On the Client computer the new numbers don’t show.

V 6.2.6 Build 4159

On the playout computer:
Did an DB Export
Created a new DB and imported.

On the Client computer:
Made a new connection to the Remote DB
Now everything works again.

Guess there was some kind of corruption.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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