Next scheduled list

Could it be handy to have an extra tab in an item screen for showing the next scheduled list.
At this moment it is only possible to see the first upcoming scheduled moment. Sometimes it would be handy to have a tab like the history, but then for the future. So you can see when a song is scheduled in the future, not only for the moment, but all scheduled moments for that specific item.

this can also help people to setup the behaviour of the minischeduler. You can use the lof, but it is quite a work to figure it out when u schedule more then one day in advance. This Scheduled next tab could perhaps give a good view.

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I would love that feature! :+1:

I don’t quite get it. There is a list of the next scheduled elements already – it is called “playlist”.

Hello, there is a way to get all the already-played songs called “tab Reports”. This enable and history extract file.
Unfortunately in version 6.3.11 this tab feature can’t extract in a file all the futur songs (next scheduled elements).
Is there a way for example, a script that can extract in a file .csv all the song by type during two datetime ?

We can not create a report for next scheduled elements, sorry.

Thank you UliNobbe. As the next scheduled information appear in the playlist’s column, would it be possible to code that extract file in a script ?

Not sure. I think it’s a result from an SQL query.

When Torben has time (internally, this is a joke), I will ask him to look into this discussion.