im not sure if there is a way yet, if not could it be implemented?

Basically three lines:

Just Played : xx - xx
Playing Now : xx - xx
Next : xx - xx

this would be a useful tool, it is something i have used previously in station-playlist if you need reference. i found it to be rather handy.

Many Thanks

Where do you want this? On a WWW site? In the mAirList GUI somewhere? Somewhere else?

Just so we have some idea what you’re asking for! :smiley:


There’s a script from one of the German users lurking that looks at the playlist and does this, writing various audio item fields as PHP strings. With some re-working, it could work for Lackster - the obvious hurdle to overcome (possible via the NoLogging option) is to omit jingles, adverts and other such tracks as I’m guessing the script would be a “music only” one :slight_smile:

Hi, I think Lackster is asking for something in the mAirList GUI as a prompt to what is/has happened in playout rather than in a web page.

If correct it gives a presenter another reminder/talking point about music played.


Station playlist has this as the current playlist is normally visible throughout an hour usually with the next hour playlist appending the current playlist around 10 minutes to the hour.

Kind Regards Tony

In wonder if the Raduga display is a good model… something which I find is quite ideal, and I wish to add my support to.

Hmm … interesting.

So really, what we’re discussing is a way of ‘shuffling’ the Player objects so that the ‘last ended’ one is always top, the ‘on air’ one is in the middle, and the ‘next’ is at the bottom: correct?

I am just trying to think of how that could be done with the existing mAirList object model; it would mean either dynamic re-allocation of the GUI objects to the underlying Player objects, or something similar, each time a Player starts or stops. In skin.ini/config terms, you would also need to have a means of saying which GUI player is ‘previous’, ‘current,’ and ‘next.’ Not everyone will want them one above the other! I think the whole concept is one for Torben to answer, frankly!

PS: I don’t mean to sound stupid, but what does a Raduga screen look like if no Player is currently playing? Or does Raduga always operate in AUTO mode, as it were?


Could we use the history function to display the most recently played item (still in the playlist with a visual indicator = PLAYED), removing anything older than last played+1?

We can already see the next item to play and the current item.

If this is possible would this suggestion suit?

Kind regards Tony


In response, i would have it so it was one on top of each other really.

the biggest problem you mentioned was that you don’t want it to show jingles etc, just tracks. i guess this could be done by some sort of line in the attributes section or linked in some way to what the icon is that goes with each piece of audio?..

It would be in a GUI location of some sort. - this link will show you a screenshot of what i am after, you can see the function at the top of the window.

[quote=“Cad, post:6, topic:5395”]Hmm

So really, what we’re discussing is a way of ‘shuffling’ the Player objects so that the ‘last ended’ one is always top, the ‘on air’ one is in the middle, and the ‘next’ is at the bottom: correct?



Hope this makes things a little clearer, sorry i didnt in the first place!

Thanks all.

I can appreciate that this feature may be useful, but isn’t it just re-inventing the wheel ? If you colour/tag your audio in a suitable fashion then you would be able to see, at a glance, what you have just played and what is coming next :wink:

Hi Charlie, not if like us you have coloured/tagged the audio by category/type of audio. Song/Jingle/Advertiser etc

In our case we have coloured the whole line for each type of audio in a playlist and also use differing icons.

However we have no need of the feature being asked for here as rarely do we back announce a song that played 2 songs ago. :-\

Kind regards Tony