Next hour will not load when emergency playlist is loaded


We have a strange problem with our hours. If the playlist runs empty just before the next hour is to be loaded, the emergency playlist is loaded. And after that the actual hour is not loaded. This is the case if the playlist runs empty 5-20 seconds before the next hour is to be loaded. Any idea what we can do?

It seems that mAirlist is working to load the emergency playlist, and is unable to load the actual hour.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Actually emergency actions and the hourly event should be totally independent of each other.

What are the messages in the system log? There should be one about “Playlist ran empty”, but then another about the event execution.

One thing that could happen, in theory, if you use “Load playlist” for the emergency action, and it takes a long time to open that playlist file (e.g. an M3U where auto cue is performed first), then things could happen in this order:

  • Emergency action: Open playlist file (takes a few seconds…)
  • Event: Load next playlist from DB and append
  • Emergency action: Copy content of emergency playlist file into playlist, replacing all content

In that case, the emergency list would really “overwrite” the next hour which gets loaded in the meantime. This is because the two tasks run in separate thread.

Just an idea, not sure if it could happen in practice. Checking the system log would really be the first step.