News file is not updated

Hello from a puzzled tech !

I am experiencing a strange behaviour with my news file. I created a event that downloads the news every hour (flash.mp3). It works perfectly and the file is updated correctly.
The weird part is when I try to play it, because an old news file is played ! I don’t know where this “old” file comes from, because the “flash.mp3” in the folder is indeed the correct “new” one. I can play it with VLC or Winamp.
But within the database, or even on air, the “old” file is still playing.
I tried to delete the item from the database and create a new one. No problem for creating it, but, again, this is the old file playing !!!
I also tried to modify the file name on the “Audio file” tab but each time I get a message “Invalid file name”. So it leads me nowhere.
I guess the file is trapped in a cache somewhere, but I don’t know where to look.
By the way, I have the same behaviour with my weather forecast.

The news file and the weather forecast are stored on a NAS. The drive is mapped as a letter (F in my case) and the user has full rights (read, write and delete) on the NAS.

Finally, I can’t play the correct file on any of the 2 production computers either (though VLC and Winamp both play the correct file when retrieving it from the NAS).

I am running Win 10 (not sure if the last update was applied) and mAirList 6.3.1 build 4433.

Thanks for any help.

We will discuss it internally in the afternoon. At the moment, I have no idea.

Problem solved.
I applied all the windows updates that were waiting, rebooted the machine and it now works OK.
Don’t really know if it was solved by the reboot or the updates, but never mind.As long as it works…