News container speek

I was wondering if you can also start the speech a little later in the newsconainer so that it works better with the music bed.

For the rest it works fine , but i was wondering if it could


Is there an opener that matches to the music bed?
In this case I would extend the opener for this “little later” moment.

No there isn’t we have it done seppertly the opener for the news . We have a news trailer with hour indication .

How about inserting a snippet of silence before the speech?

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We concider it .Thanks

Or simple add a silence before the speaker start reading the news . Solved

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Without having tested it:
Set a Start Next on the music bed. :wink:

Tested, and: :+1:
Simply set Start Next on your music bed where you want the speaker to start.
This has not been documented to date. :sunglasses:

Hi we just add it a simple silence for 2 sec in front the news file. This will work to.will test it also with that!