News container issue

I have the following problem with the traffic information that is delivered to us via an mp3 file that it is in a news container and that the file is sometimes only halfway through that it is truncated by mairlist. While the file has been downloaded in its entirety . What can we do to prevent that from happening again , the problem occurs on the half hours and on the whole hours it works fine . The file is overwritten every time

Here are the screenshots of the container

What is the issue

What could be the problem we run into, it is currently only on the half hours whole hours it does not occur


Hi Goos,
Is it possible that due to the different times of the traffic the wrong time is being read and programmed?
Maybe this setting will help you…
Could you let me know if this worked for you.

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Ok we will check this tomorrow . I hope this helps


This works for us . Great solution