Newby question

I have struggled, but mairlist is running now. Problem though is that at the end of the our the is cut of and the next playlist is loaded, but with a disabled speaker icon. I can see that the next hour has no elements.
The hour after that i can see is filled.

Aks the question is: What is the best way to do auto generate playlists in automation mode?


I have solved the problem about the new hour playlist.
Question now is how to automatically generate new playlist for the next day without interaction. I have created an event an in there the command to generate new playlist for hours not vontaining an playlist. But it looks like it is n’t working

Hi Friso,

actually I have no mAirList on my private laptop. I can send you a screenshot tonight or tomorrow.
I think what you’re looking for is somewhere in the options of the event “create new playlist”.

In which language is your mAirList / configuration? Nederlands?

I want to send you the perfect screenshot later. :sunglasses:

Language is english, because that’t easier to search for solutions.