Newbie, just got started with the demo, and have a question

I’m a newbie, just installed the demo version. In automation mode, everything plays only in PLAYER A. You can’t drop a track in PLAYER B. What is wrong with this?
(in assist mode, i can drop a file in PLAYER B)

ok, i’ve foud it myself, it was a hidden option. Strange why you must enable this yourself in the demo version. It gives the impression that something is not working ok.

Another question: is there a possiblility to move the cursor with my mouse in the wave file of the player, so the actual player would jump to that point in time of the loaded song and play on. This way i don’t have to listen to the full songs, to evaluate the result of the mixing of the songs in the automation mode?
ps: It’s only for test purposes…

Hi there,

it’s nothing about the demo version. This is the standard configuration for a new installed mAirList. Please feel free to change everything you want, and when you buy it, you can continue working with your personal configuration.

So if you want to use both players in automation mode, please uncheck this:

Additionally, you can set each player to be active in automation mode or not:

We recommend using the Cue Editor in PFL / Extra-PFL mode, but: Yes, it’s possible.

I don’t know if it starts immediately, but…

Happy testing!

ok, thanks for the explaination. But where can i find that configuration window? I’ve searched the whole gui, but can’t find it. How do i get there?

From the playout window you’ll only find the Control panel.
The Control panel is a kind of “Configuration light” since it can only show some limited functions of the whole configuration. Some configuration settings can not be changed while the playout window is open.

Please use the Windows start menue, go to mAirList and select “Configuration”.

Ok, found it. Thank you!!!