New songs are on same time

I run a hit radio with Mairlist. But the popular songs are sometimes in the same hour.
How can I avoid this?



Hi Wim,

in general you would need an average of 20 songs per hour to avoid repetition. So if you don’t want songs to repeat say in 3 hours, the folder you told mAirlist to pick the music from must have a minimum of 60 songs.

But it would be helpful when you show us a screenshot of your hour template(s) and the setup of your your music blocks…

Hi Stefan

We play around 12 new songs in a hour. We have now around 70 songs in our HIT A and Mairlist wait minimun 3 hour to play a songs again so that work but I record a afternoon show for 1 hour and a lot of the same songs are at that hour.
So there isn’t a function that mairlist look back in the time and look that the same song isn’t always on the same time?


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Is there a SchedulerLog available or can you produce one and send it to us so we can have a kook on it?


Here you can find it.!AsqOEfeMYnrxrzq7fgUBWBqO28hG?e=jp9uAj

Would you please post a screenshot of the settings of the Mini Scheduler?
Database > Administration > Configuration > Mini-Scheduler
… out of the database?

I would like to check the settings together with the results of the Log.
Thank you.


This is a picture of the Scheduler.


Is it possible to change that problem or not?

Is There an update about this topic?

Sorry, but I’m still searching in the Log.

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Do you have news about it?

Thanks a lot!