New database layout for VT

Since the DB app, config app are batch files wich are runned to open the software, would it be possible to create a new ‘software’ called VT?
It can be mostly look like the database layout, except that some functions would be hidden or removed from the VT layout.
Here is an idea of the database app with marks of functions that aren’t usefull for voicetracking. This way It will be safer when people do voicetracking who shouldn’t be able to acces the full database.
I know user roles are available, but when people can click a button, sooner or later they will :wink:

Request VT batch 2

- noticed -

You do know that Torben loves and enthusiastically programs new GUIs? :upside_down_face:

(irony off)

I understand that my words are so much easier then realizing it. That is why I think the database GUI would be nearly perfect.

Just was thinking out loud. It would be cool if it’s possible, but I also know the todo / request list is very very very long for you guys!

… buying new memory on the server … (scnr)