New command for cartwall possible?

At this moment it is possible to cuse a command to save a playlist (PLAYLIST X SAVE)
Could it be possible to have this also available for a Cartwall page? (CARTWALL PAGE SAVE)

At this moment I am creating a template for a radiostation and I would love to hide the control bars of the cartwall and playlist for the dj’s. It would be great if there are custom made buttons build in the gui wich make it possible to save their own personal cartwall page and playlist 1 (wich is used for beds) using a command.

I do know that the following command is working:


maybe the other way is working as well?


OK well, I am trying a lot of things.
somehow even the CARTWALL LOAD PAGE command isn’t working like it should.
This is my code, what is wrong with it?
Somehow I am having a lot of small bugs lately when writing scripts and I know it is not a bug, it is a personal mistake wich I make. Somehow I can’t solve the issue why the scripts aren’t working

Hope you can say me what code would be correct for loading cartwall ‘C:\Mairlist\cartwallpage.mcp’

Now i have this:

('CARTWALL LOAD PAGE ' + 'C:\Mairlist\cartwallpage.mcp'); 

Next script is working fine for loading cartwall presets, but I want to load a page instead of a preset. I used this script for creating the script above.

('CARTWALL LOAD PRESET ' + 'C:\Mairlist\cartwallpreset.mcpx'); 

Hope you can help me with the correct script for the CARTWALL LOAD PAGE command.
Then I can test also the CARTWALL SAVE PAGE command as u mentioned

hmmm … that’s strange.

I tried both scripts at my system and both worked fine.

Loading a page and loading a prestet was without anyproblems posible. Maybe some error in the path?

That is strange for sure if the scripts wich I have posted are working for you. I am 100% sure the path is correct. In what version were you trying the scripts? I tried version 7 snapshot 5020.

This is the final script I tried:

('CARTWALL LOAD PAGE ' + 'C:\Mairlist\Cartwalls\DJ's\CartwallDJ01.mcp'); 

And now this is my error:
5020 script load cartwall page error

It says a comma is expected, but the script is equal to the script to load a cartwall preset like I posted above. That script is working for me, that makes it even more strange.

I know I am not an expert in writing scripts yet, so if someone can help me where to search the cause of this problem I would be helped a lot also for creating other scripts. Writing scripts is the next step I want to discover and learn to use within the software

May I ask you to post your script for loading the cartwall page? Maybe then we’ll see the difference in setup.

I think it’s because of the ’ of “DJ’s”:


Try to rename it and the folder: 'C:\Mairlist\Cartwalls\DJs\CartwallDJ01.mcp'

Thx Liam, Thats solved the Loading issue.

Back to the first question. The CARTWALL SAVE PAGE command doesn’t seem to excist. Would this be a good command to add? I Only found this changelog for version 6 build 3950. The SAVE commands aren’t mentioned so I assume they aren’t implemented yet.

Build 3950.

Changed CARTWALL LOAD <filename> to CARTWALL LOAD PAGE <filename>, and introduced >CARTWALL LOAD PRESET <filename>.