need some help

i use mairlist with one soundcard when i do i database search and press enter i get a tone any way of getting that turned off so it dont go out on air


Never heard of that. What kind of sound is it? Does it stop when the search is finished?

It’s true (as of mAirList 2.2) that the database search blocks the GUI because it happens in the main application thread. Audio output of any playing item should not be affected though, because BASS.DLL starts a separate thread for each player.

Could it be a Windows System Sound ? Any studio machine must have them disabled :wink:

There’s a station in the South East (on FM) that still hasn’t done that and every time their wi-fi dongle receives a driver update it pings over the air… :slight_smile:

Charlie, I think you got that in one.

In Control panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/sounds select No Sounds. (assuming you are using XP).

If the problem is still present we need to dig a little more.

Kind Regards Tony

Hey Tony
I have muted it and no sound when i do the search



Exactly what I suspected when I asked what kind of sound it was :wink: