Need help for Skin.ini problem

Dear Mairlist users,

I tried to change skini.ini file to make my Mairlist look more like my version.
First at all I have to say, that you will need “inspector gadget” mind to find answers. Someone who know this better could do one sample Skini.ini file and small explanation what he has done so it would be easier in future for new comers try to change it. Take this as suggestion, not complain.

Could some one explain to me what value I have to change if I want to change:

  • Time information on playlist (song remaining time and schedule time )
  • Font on Playlist toolbar on top?
  • Waveforms on Mixeditor and players, I would like get them blue…
  • How to change playlist icons for Music, Jingle, ads etc?
  • Someone Had changed player names to 1 - 2 - 3 and behind of player name had blue box with rounded corners. How to do that one?

Its fun to make my Mairlist to make more like “my version” with this skin.ini file. When I¨m done, I will share my final result and my ini file as example.


Hello! I can help you with the part of playlist fonts and colors.
Here is my example.

FontName=Open Sans
PlayerFontName=Open Sans
TimeFontName=Open Sans Bold
DurationFontName=Open Sans Light

You enter this on mAirList Studio module, on arrow down next to mAirList icon in toolbar - Skin Editor.

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Thank you, I will try that!

Also Big Thanks to Stephan, He sent me good information as well about this issue !

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Does anybody know is it possible to change waveform color?

The general reference for Waveforms is a little bit missleading.

Because there’re a lot waveforms in mAirlist you need to reference the exact part in your skin.ini.

In the players section you can find the little sentence

" Use the waveform settings described in the General section above, prefix all settings with Waveform , e.g. WaveformInactiveColor=… ."

So if you use


instead of just


it works like intended.

You can change the colors in general for all players by using


or target it to special players only by using


(i.e. for the first player of the first playlist).