Nas not connected

When I started mairlist this morning it didn’t start up.
Couple messages the application seems to be frozen.
During the weak I’m not at home and I remembered that my wife called me the wifi isn’t working she reset the router and it was working again.
But my database on the Nas had no connection anymore. The last number is 50 and was now 51.
Everything is fixed again but why doesn’t mairlist start up normally and gives a message database not connected or something similar?

First I would like to give you the advice to give every device in the network concerning to your nas a static ip adress. then you’ll allways have the connection, wether the router needs to reboot. When you don’t give a static IP adress, the router will assign each computer a new ip adress everytime the computer is connected to the router. so everytime the pc is disconected, it recieves a new ip adres.
But that wouldn’t help u for now.

can you connect to the nas in explorer? check this first if your pc has good connection to the nas. Is it possible to open all folders wich mairlist needs in explorer?

then did you have the IP adress set in the database settings of the configuration software? test there if you have a connection to the database before opening the main or database software.

Last advice is equal to my first advice. get rid of automatic assigned ip adresses, but give every computer / nas a static IP adress. this gives you so much stability. If you are not familiar on setting static ip adresses, you may contact me. I know we are both dutch and maybe that is easier.

The question was not how to solve the problem, but the way mairlist handles it.
But the static IP address may be not such a bad idea and your wright I don’t know how do that.
But I still wonder why mairlist freezes if there is a problem because there where 7 problems in the log. And everything was fixt when the database was reconnected. A pop-up whit a message the database lost the connection makes more sense to me. Then go to the settings changes what’s wrong perhaps restart. Now I had to wait for mairlist to finally closes go to config app change the number restart mairlist again, again freezes waiting till it closes a find out in the config app that database 2 (which I normally never use) also needed adjustment.

I am not sure about this, but maybe the database recieved a new ID when the ip adresses are changed. This could be a logical explenation for not finding the database anymore. As I said I am not sure on this i hope @Torben or @UliNobbe could answer on that.

Still when everything is fixed I will offer you my help on how to setup static ip adresses.its not that dificult as it seem.but since it is a bit off topic perhaps we could do it in a personal conversation.

Did you really wait sufficient time for a message to appear or impatiently clicked into the mAirlist-Window when it stayed blank?

Whenever mAirlist on my Workstation doesn’t get a connection to the database on the server it stays blank for a while and then shows an error. But if I click the window too early windows thinks it has stopped…

I woud recommend not to set a static IP-address within your device but rather have the router do it via BOOTP. There is a table in your router’s setup where you store the MAC-address of your device and the IP-address you like to have assigned to it. The device can stay set on DHCP.

Why would u prefer BOOTP above a static IP adres? In BOOTP the router assigns an ip adress to a device the first time it is connected and then it remain that ip adress everytime the device gets connected to the router right?

this can be a solution, but then the router assigns the adresses and subnetmasks. it will work and is fine if you want very ip adress not upcounting but various. I adviced static ip adress because every router has a few free assignable adresses and for me it is great to have the adresses sorted. like the first pc is 192.x.x.11, the second is 192.x.x.12 and so on.
In BOOTP it won’t be a logical order. I confess i never used BOOTP before, because I am familiar with static IP’s and this is clear to me. also Ihave to admit that I am very slightly autistic at these kinds of things. but that’s because with my previous work I had to do a lot with IP addresses.

Do not confuse BOOTP and DHCP. What you describe is correct for DHCP, but BOOTP will establish exactly this order. It will assign one very IP-address to one very MAC-address (i. e. device). This way you have total control about the devices connected to your system, as well as the opportunity to connect the device to a different network without having it to be reconfigured first.

That is what i said :wink:.Dhcp assignes a new ip adress everytime it gets connected to a router. So to a MAC-adress. While bootp assigns a static ip adress to a MAC-adress. Wich always stays static.
Then… in the netherlands most internet providers have a hand to ‘sell’ customers a new internet router every few years. So then u do have to setup the BOOTP again. When having static IP adresses.just plug in and continue.
BOOTP and staticip adresses both work fine, it’s just on personal peference i guess.

That’s a good point. I have mine for almost ten years now.

Either use a static IP, or DHCP with a fixed lease configured in the router.

You will find lots of information when you search for these keywords on Google :wink:

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I waited and that was the problem it took now almost an hour to change the 2 numbers there was nothing to click away.
Because te hole program did nothing and after a long time (sorry I didn’t time it) only the small grey box with the application seems to be frozen.

When my show is done the next show takes over at a hard fixed time something’s my last record is still playing then I get all warnings " do you really want to exit the record is still playing"

Was home today.
Googled on the internet and give the Nas a static IP adres.
Dit not test it because my youngest son is upstairs with his PlayStation,:joy:

Whe have a Ziggo modem max 1 year old. The wifi is switcht off trough the cable it goes upstairs (my studio) there’s a Netgear nighthawk r7000 and that provides wifi and router for the cable for PC and Nas.
Static IP is done in the Netgear.

Hi Henk,

I just stumbled across this as I obviously missed it in your first post. What “numbers” did you speak of?

Like I said in the first post during the week my wife reset the router in my studio. The numbers are from the IP adres.
I didn’t ask to solve the problem because I had it before and I know how to solve it.
But the question was why is there no notification?
Mairlist didn’t start up, no withe screen nothing.

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Try not to start mAirlist itself but the configuration software. There fix the database connection. When u test login there, is there a good connection?
If not solve that before opening mAirlist.
U changed the ip adress there?
As i said before, maybe the database id is changed what causes the problem?

Indeed strange u get no error!

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