My idea's for the wishlist

i would like to use the dsp version inside adobe audition.
my idea’s for the wishlist - Stereo Tool

would you fix the streaming error for the speaker (invalid sample rate) so i cant go live on fm am or on the web,

possile to stream on my mac or windows with vst or dmg in the future?

is there a way to add source code in mairlist skin editor

Your post doesn’t make sense at all especially because you posted the exact same question in the StereoTool Forum and linked to it here in the mAirlist Forum… :thinking:

This is the mAirlist forum, an it’s a software for professional radio broadcast. If you want to use Stereo Tool you can do it by simply using the DSP (aka Winamp-Version) of StereoTool directly in the sound processing tab.

Maybe I didn’t understand it right but WHY would you stream directly into /from Adobe Audition if you can save your complete show in a wav/mp3 file inside mAirlist?

which streaming error shows up in your installation - in mAirlist or Audition?

You are already able to use (other) 32bit-VST-Plugins in mAirlist.

The skin editor tells mAirlist how things look, not how they behave.

Though you can do a lot of individual scripting in mAirlist for special occasions / needs but not in the skin-editor. Although you can add screen objects (in the config!) that do different things…

Maybe you should tell us less cryptical informations about your plans/needs :slightly_smiling_face: