Mutiple Outputs (encoder output?)

Hi Guys,

I would like to have two outputs from Mairlist. One to a Breakaway Virtual sound card which loops back and then gets processed then out to my online stream. And also a out which goes to my FM Transmitter.

Could I do this with the Encoder Output? I’ve tried turning that on but not getting any sound of it.

Usually I know the desk would come back into the computer but this server will only be play out. This above means I can process the stream online different from on FM.

Would appreciate any tips :slight_smile:


Why would you NOT want to send the same Breakaway output to both the stream and to FM?

As far as I know, most ‘large’ broadcasters send exactly the same processed audio to all their broadcast feeds (online and FM, and even AM!). They don’t try (or want) to have different ‘sounds’ online and on FM.

If I were you, I’d take the Breakaway output from the PC and either:
a) split the analogue audio to the two feeds, using a distribution amp or similar; or
b) send the digital audio straight to the Web (or via the digital output on your soundcard), and send the same audio from your soundcard analogue output to your FM transmitter.

(Unless your FM transmitter needs a digital audio input!)


I believe he uses Breakaway to apply the preemphasis for the Transmitter, so that would result in a strong high frequency boost on the stream and sound horrible…
The way he describes the audio path does not makes sense to me.

What about using an audio splitter on the mAirList Audio output?


I may be wrong on this, some time since I did this but in the “Config, Audio devices”, can you set the ENCODER, playback to send to Breakaway, then in the LIne Input set that the Breakaway output?

I experimented using Virtual Audio Cable some time ago.

Ahh good point that might be the way to do it, split the analogue audio output.

I was trying to prevent doing that to ensure optimal quality in the chain. Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

I have tried putting the final breakaway mix back into the stream and Radiorom you are correct, the high freq. is horrible, as its all boosted up.

What do you guys use for your Internet Stream processing?

We do not use any software processing in our playout.

The Mixer output first goes to a multiband compressor/limiter that does a slight compression and firmly limits the signal to comply with the 75kHz FM deviation.
Then the signal is split and fed to separate equalizers, one set with the transmitter preemphasis (6db per octave rate) and one with a slight compensation/enhancement (personal feeling) for the stream.

From there the signals are encoded and sent to the Shoutcastserver and via Barix Instreamer/Exstreamer to the transmitter site.