MusicGen logexport format

This is the default export log file I get from MusicGen:

04 000001 TOP 0016 04 13 20 12
03 000871 The River Of Dreams 0217 04 13 20 12
03 004217 One Kiss 0209 04 13 20 12
03 004762 How It’s Done 0181 04 13 20 12
03 001071 It’s Allright (Baby’s Co 0213 04 13 20 12
03 003116 Twilight Café 0180 04 13 20 12
03 001541 Please Please Me 0114 04 13 20 12
First row indicates a music (03) or non music (04) item.
Second row is the internal ID, as in the mairlist datbase.
Third row is Description or Title
Fourth row is lenghts in seconds
Fith to Eight row shows the month, day , year and hour.

On the “Playlist Import” pane in mairlist I selected “MusicGen/NexGen Log”.

Except for the first line in every hour, the mini scheduler doesn’t seem to like it very much.

Is this format still applicable ? Or can someone point me to the right format for importing the MusicGen logs, without using m3u lists.

I checked my source code, and it appears that the output format should be something like this:


So the ID of the item followed by one or more spaces/tabs, and the start time. mAirList will only use the hour information from the start time to find the boundaries of the hours (assuming there is an entire day in one file), so set split to “automatic” in the music import settings.

Hi TVguy,

In MusicGen, click Config > Station > Edit and you can set up an Export Template in the form mAirList requires (p. 63 of MusicGen manual :wink:).

The dialog box is brilliantly captioned Music Load File Configuration (not confusing at all!) but I suppose you could “correct” that with Resource Hacker … sorry, I digress.

As GUIs go, it’s fairly dire, but once you grasp the idea that “position” means “how many characters from the start of the line in the exported file,” it’s a solvable puzzle.

I think you then just Save that and MusicGen will use that template next time you generate log files, but it’s been a LONG time since I used it.

Hope that helps, anyway. :slight_smile:


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@Cad, is it you, really? Welcome back! :slight_smile:

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Well, that made a big difference.

It’s up and running.

A workaround is to use the field on the songcard and enter these ASCII codes there: < N I >, with tabs in front, in between and after the letters. You will have to do that in notepad and then copy the line in to the field. It’s the only field available in the log export settings pane. You will have to do that on every song in the library. You can then use the TPI import setting in mAirlist.

Thanks a for the info Cad. I knew more or less how the Export template worked and assumed that the import template in mAirlist would work with the default MusicGen settings. But in fact, it’s even much simpler than that, but you have to know how the template is setup otherwise you’re in for a long search.

I will now try to find a way to import an “as played log”, from mAirlist to MusicGen. Here also, it will be a search for the right format. One that can be generated by mAirlist and accepted by MusicGen.

I still don’t know what kind of database there using. It doesn’t seem to be a SQL derivate…


Yes, Mr. T, it is myself. Hope you and the family are all well!

I’ve got myself a narration gig for an author’s sprawling four-book epic so my spare time will be taken up with that for the foreseeable future. The first one should be out shortly on Audible and other good audiobook platforms.

Sadly, Leith FM collapsed in a puff of ego and delusion (and debt) some years ago, so I haven’t done anything radio-oriented for some years. But doing the narration has forced me to buy a decent mic. (Røde NT1) at last. :wink: