Music schedulling


I’m currently running mAirlist Home Studio, which doesn’t includes the scheduler. I’d like to use one, but now, I can’t afford to buy any of them.
I’ve heard of two free schedulers: Tobasco’s Amazing Clockwheel and MusicGen Lite. I can’t install the first one on windows7… And the second one is unreachable because every download link takes you to RCS homepage… :frowning:
Does anyone have a copy of MusicGen Lite?

Thank you!

Can you please enter the serial number of your license into your forum profile so we can check what you have and what’s included in your license. Thank you.

I don’t have a serial yet.
My trial period has just finished and I saw in the configuration, that the mini scheduler module is disabled.
Anyway, I am currently thinking about purchasing a home studio license.
According to your site, the music scheduler can be found in home studio. Maybe I did something wrong in the configuration because I couldn’t find it. :frowning:

The scheduler is part of mAirListDB which must be set up first:

Thanks Torben!

It’s up and running!

As an aside MusicGen Lite never worked on Windows 7 onwards. I used to keep an XP Virtual Instance for a while to run MusicGen Lite but finally moved on many years ago. When RCS acquired Prophet that was the end of that >:(

Still waiting for a good takeover bid… ;D