Music data path

I have many playlists created with mAirlist v4 & v5. I have been using v6 for a while on a new system. However the audio paths from the v4&5 to the music storage drive no longer exist. i can of course re type or remake the playlist but this would take many hours. Is there a way of re making the playlist to the new drive location en-mass?

Didn’t you move the database or the folder structure just the same as on the former pc?

I understand that you want to change the folderpath from

Am I right?

Hi The original target path and folder structure have change since the original playlists were made. This was due to terminal damage to all systems!! The original paths were not restored at the time as no details were available due to panic! luckily all the music was backed up, however mAirlist configs were not.

There is no automatic function to fix this.

If it was just that the music folder was moved to a different location, preserving the structure, you could have adjusted the storage path and that’s it. But if it’s all messed up the new location - bad luck.

I thought that would be the answer :slight_smile: Thanks as always Torben