Multiple requests - long post warning!!


Couple of ideas that i would love to see implemented.

  1. could we have a couple of extra countdown clocks? the first would be AVAILABLE TIME. This would work so that your running order has a special time block at the end e.g.15:00 (your show ends at 15:00). Available time is therefore the time from now to the end (15:00). Basically time remaining to end of show from NOW.

  2. the second countdown clock that would be useful is BLOCK TIME. This is a sum of all the audio in your running order. I know that there already is a similar clock at the bottom of the playlist in the same toolbar as the auto button. From memory though this doesnt countdown constantly, just updates after each item. Therefore could we have this option?

  3. I know you are working on the seperate clocks, like i requested in a seperate post, but could these ideas, if implemented also be added in the same way. Thank you.

  4. is there a way, or could it be added that we can add text above an item. For example, above the clock the words CLOCK or RAMP etc.

  5. This next request is something that i have seen before on a different playout system. Basically, the default running order that has all the audio in it e.g. trails, news ramps etc look the same as normal. Then, when an item is added to the running order it is highlighted in a different colour so you can tell between station items and added items e.g. tracks and other audio items. maybe this would be easier when the database is added.
    thinking about it actually, we could have it so tracks from a certain location look fine also and any audio from another are highlighted.

  6. Is there also a way that we can remove the backing colour of the on air status, i have again been trying all sorts and just cant shift the red backing!!

Thats all for now, sorry about the long post. There are a couple of other small bits but i cant remember them at the moment!!

Cheers all.

Most of your questions are related to the “GUI screen objects”, which undergo a major revision at the moment. I will post a detailed answer to your post once v.43 is out, so that we can discuss these issues with the new mechanisms in mind.


Thanks Torben