Multiple playlists, streaming and logging

In Mairlist it is possible to use for example 2 playlists, each with 2 players. The multiple playlist are setup and I want to use both playlists on different streams.

My questions are:

  • How can i use the correct audio on the stream?
  • The title stream for stream one is showing the meta information on tracks on both playlists. How can I correct\seperate this?
  • The same problem occurs when using the track logging to the website. When a track in playlist B is started the information is visible in both the stream and the website of playlist A.

Thank you for your help!

One mAirList instance can not divide two or more playouts in different streams, e.g. one per playlist.
For Professional Edition, we offer a multi-instance playout. Please contact for an offer.

Thank you.

Hi Uli, Thanks. I have sent an e-mail.