Multiple monitor setup

Can anybody explain how to setup dual monitor screen (1680x1050 x 2) for mairlist with several playlist (dalet like) system.

Thanks !

Make a custom layout, resize the window so that it spans both monitors, and place the screen objects as desired.

Thank you dr. Weibert.

Is it possible to maximize gui to both screens?

Yes, unless you’ve set up your dual monitors in some unusual configuration, or are driving them from two physically separate video cards.


Well, i’ve just extended my Windows desktop to 2nd monitor (i use only 1 gpu) but when i try to extend (maximize) the mairlist gui via layout designer it maximizes just over one screen.

Any idea how & why ?

Open Config., expand GUI, then click General. In the Settings box, look at Window position. If this is set to Maximise on monitor 1, change it and click Save: then open Layout Designer again. :wink:

PS: Even if set to Maximise on monitor 1, you should still be able to manually drag the mAirList Layout Designer window across both monitors. :wink: But for many reasons, it’s better to change the Config. setting!


The behavior actually depends on the graphics driver. Most drivers only maximize to the current screen, which is usually what you want in most situations. For example, on my development PC, I have usually Delphi maximized on the left screen, and mAirList maximized on the second screen.

Remember that you can still resize the window manually :slight_smile: