Multiple monitor settings


Maybe I am using the wrong words, but I could not find a previous question. I am looking for a solution for the following.

I am using a 3 monitor setup:
Monitor 1(Left) should contain the Mairlist playout part playlist
Monitor 2(Middle) should not be Mairlist but for opening documents and news items.
Monitor 3:(Right) should contain Mairlist with extra items like encoder, clock, cartwall etc.

I know I can make a 3 monitor layout, but when I use mairlist the documents and the news items on middle monitor will be hidden behind mairlist. What I am looking for is a second screen as flexible as the “databank” window.

Is this possible within Mairlist 6? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Well, there is one simple solution – which you might not appreciate anyway: Swap the content of the middle monitor to the outside. As I can see absolutely no advantage, other than your personal flavour, in splitting your radio workspace with a very different application, it is, if anything, counterproductive in an ergonomic way. Try it out: you will get accustomed to the new setting within an hour.

If you insist to carry on with your current setup, you might flip two monitors but will run into trouble as for the movement of the mouse pointer. So my advice were to put your „middle“ applications on a second autonomous computer.

Triple regards,


Thanks for your reply but that’s not a solution. That’s a (for me) not working workaround. A workaround that I currently use and that I dislike. Regardless of my preference (my middle monitor is behind the microphone and mixer) it would be more practical to use loose screens in stead of one big screen.

I am not sure if this is a user reply or a mairlist standing. I have seen you here quite often so I guess it’s a Mairlist standing. And there is no solution for this. Is that correct?


my statements are purely non-afilliated to the mAirList enterprise. However, I have had some views deeply into the radio business before, so I know what I am talking about.

What about setting up a separate machine for your middle apps? Issue solved.


Thanks for thinking with me on this issue, but could you (in this case) please stop doing that? Like already stated I don’t need a workaround(like buying an extra machine) and be less flexible. I already thought about that option.

I have multiple Mairlist licenses and have a serious question. I am looking for a solution or maybe it is a feature request opening a second window like the databank window. I think it is not even that difficult to build.

Only if such a solution is not possible at all I will consider workarounds.

Never the less, thanks for thinking with me Tondose.

Offense taken.  

Tondose, was only trying to be helpful, kind even

You can chose which mentor within Mairlist configuration, Mairlist will open on or you can drag it onto a another monitor. I have 4 screens I’ve set mine where Mairlist opens on bottom left and database and or VT module opens in another

Thanks for your reply and suggestion station31.

I agree that Tondose was trying to be helpful and kind and I am sorry that he’s offended. He always is helpful and that’s why I thanked him. In this case we were not heading in the same direction. That’s all.

Regarding your remark about opening the cartwall module when starting Mairlist in a seperate window. I did not know this. How life can be simple. It not exactly the solution because I still have a clock and stream encoder status & stream status monitor that are not shown but I will keep this in mind. Maybe there is a way to implement the encoder things & clock in the cardwall window. That would be great.

I the old situation (without the mix editor implemented) this solution would be perfect. Nowerdays I have to much “shit” that I want to see :wink:

I will look into this a bit more. It could be a feature request if I am not the only one.

Nevertheless, you are wrong.

Sorry Tondose. My bad.

Is this option opening in monitor one on startup also possible with the mix editor? I cannot see this option in Mairlist. (Not in the same way as the cardwall anyway)

@Tondose: Sorry to have offended you. Reading it back, I should have been more specific what I was looking for. My bad!