Multi Instance Manager License


I have two licenses, a Standard and an Advanced Server. I would like to ask if it is possible to connect the two mairlists using MultiInstance Manager on one computer and run them in parallel.

So, in short: can MultiInstance Manager be purchased as a standalone module, or only with the Professional license?


The MultiInstance Manager is free: Index of /MultiInstanceManager/

Yes, but it only includes a license for one player by default, so it can’t do its job.

I have also specified the licence folder for each instance. This means that each instance runs under its own licence:

This is what it looks like in the end. All instances under different licences:

If I’m talking at cross purposes or your question relates to something completely different, please let me know again.

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I see, of course. My problem is not that, but that the multi instance only allows one player to be opened at a time.


All my mAirLists are licensed, so if I understand correctly, the multi instance is causing the problem. I am simply wondering if there is a way to purchase Multi Instance Manager without using mAirList Professional license. I have Advanced Server and Standard licenses for the two playouts, but the site says that only Professional license can be extended with Multi Instance Manager.

So there is only one licence on your account page?

That’s not what I mean, sorry. My question is still whether it is even possible to use Advanced Server and Standard mAirList with Multi Instance Manager. :slight_smile:
What is causing my misunderstanding is this on

If I understand correctly, we are talking about addons anyway, so I would have to buy an additional license for the multi instance manager. Or not?
I downloaded it from the link you sent me, and even though I have two mAirLists activated on my computer, I can’t open the two playouts in parallel, only one of them.

However, this has nothing to do with the MultiInstance MANAGER/Program. What you mean is a multi-instance/licence. I’m not exactly familiar with it, but (as described on the page) it is only possible for the Professional Studio licence. So that you can operate several playouts.

However, it is not really a problem to have several licences running on ONE PC. You are just not allowed to have the same licence running several times per PC.

That’s right, then I’ve got everything right.
Thank you!

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That’s true.
This feature is for stations having different playout channels from one database, e.g. Pop, Rock and Country. They run one license Professional Studio and additional instances as playouts with their own scheduling and Encoder.

Those stations don’t need to buy three Professional Studio licenses. :wink:
However, looking at the price list, this is only attractive if you have paid the full license without any discount. Anything else would be too expensive.

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Hello everyone,
I’m coming back to this forum for advice before buying.
I use mAirlist 6 on a daily basis on my main PC to which the servers and the D&R AIRLITE MK2 console are connected.
At night and in my absence, I continue to use the very good SAM BROADCASTER CLOUD software.
But, obviously, this poses a problem and technical complications for me.
Stopping mAirlist, switching to SAM Cloud, etc.
I also have a small laptop PC, which could take over at night, being connected to my main server, too.
My question is, what is the cheapest mAirlist software I could buy to take over my radio broadcasting.
Knowing that this laptop is not connected to the console and will only work automatically.
Since the software I purchased can only run on the main PC, which seems normal to me.
Thanking you in advance for your response.
Musically yours.

As long as it should not use the same database (the two databases are not connected) and you are a “Home User”

you can use mAirList Home Studio Lite.
If you want to use Scripts or Plugins (DSP), you should buy mAirList Home Studio.

For commercial / professional users you can choose between mAirList Standard or mAirList Advanced.

For using one and the same database we recommend another solution.

Good evening,

Thank you very much, Uli, for this response and this valuable information.
You are talking about another solution, to be able to use the same database (the songs and the jingles).
Could you tell me which one it is?
Thanking you in advance.
Best regards.