mp3DirectCut version 2.17 does Auto Crop -- AND in batch

Apologies for ‘plugging’ another site, but the latest version 2.17 of the excellent mp3DirectCut application now supports Auto Crop (which is a feature request I made some months ago).

What is Auto Crop? Similar to mAirList Auto Cue, you set a ‘threshold’ level. You then use Auto Crop to remove any ‘silence’ (i.e. audio below your ‘threshold’ level) from both ends of the file. You can then save the file without the silence at start/end of the track.

NOTE: before using this on ‘real’ audio files, DO experiment with the ‘threshold’ setting, as follows:

[ol][li]Open a file in mp3DirectCut.[/li]
[li]Select a range of audio in the file (any range: if you don’t do this, you can’t do the next step!).[/li]
[li]Click Edit, Gain…[/li]
[li]In the Gain dialog, set Lower level to the silence threshold level you want to use for Auto Crop, then click OK. The default Lower level is -90dB.[/li]
[li]Click Special, Auto crop (or press Ctrl+Shift+C).[/li]
[li]Check the results. If unacceptable, use Undo and try a different Lower level.[/li][/ol]

When adjusted correctly, this means you can remove the silence that most CD rippers leave at the end of tracks. And yes, the Batch Processing in mp3DirectCut DOES also now support Auto crop! So you can process your entire library with the minimum of manual effort. :wink:

Apologies again for the ‘hijack:’ I just thought that other mAirList users might not have noticed this update to another of my favourite applications. 8)