Im just looking into using MP3Tag and just wanted to ask for opinions of other users.

Is it any good?

What are the bad points?

Is there a way to get mairlist to read the Comments section when creating tags?

Other comments…


OR, would you recommend another piece of software that is similar, very good and FREE.

ALSO, on the option of tagging, is there a way that in file tagger & ExtraPFL in the comments section we could add information. So there are default boxes that could include.

just sort of generic information that saves us typing quite so much in everytime. Could it be so that when the fields are left blank however it doesnt appear to have a comments section in the playlist.

What other options could be added?

Just a thought

mAirList will automatically import the Artist, Title and Comment fields from ID3 (v1 or v2) tags. So you might just use mp3tag for that purpose.

Some other ID3 fields like year, album, … will be imported as “Attributes” in case the respective option in the config is enabled. You will find those attributes in the Properties dialog in mAirList. You can also add custom attributes inside that dialog.

mAirList can even offer a pre-defined list of attributes for any newly created items, along with optional drop-down boxes for possible values. For example, imagine you want each item to have an attribute named “Vocals” with the possible values “male”, “female”, “mixed”, or “instrumental”. Go into mAirListConfig, navigate to Miscellaneous->Attributes, add a new row to the table found there, and enter “Vocals” into the left-hand column and “male;female;mixed;instrumental” into the right hand colum.

The attributes can also be stored inside ID3v2 tags, but only within a special hidden tag used by mAirList. So you have to use mAirList (or mAirListTag) in order to tag the files.

You can also use MMD files instead of ID3 tags. You then have on extra file per audio file, but your original files maintain untouched (and MMD files can also be written while the file is loaded into a player and thus locked on disk).

I believe Cad can provide additional tips about tagging. He’s the godfather of mAirListTag :wink:


Will have a play later on today.


Ah Ha, Thats great.

Just one question though. Is there a way we could get the information to be more readily available in the attributes. Maybe an option that would put it in the comments box??

Or on a hotkey so that the information is brought up in a box somewhere or somehow.


I think the easiest thing would be to display them along with the comment.

Who, me? :smiley:

Personally, I use Mp3-TagStudio by Magnus Brading. It is one of the few (only?) MP3 tag editors I have found which correctly displays and allows editing of ‘custom’ tags such as the custom tag (it’s XML really) which Torben referred to. It may not be the prettiest editor but it is the best, with the most features IMHO. If you want something gorgeous to look at then blow $100 or more on a competitor product which doesn’t show mAirList custom tags!

Mp3-TagStudio’s homepage is at: Yes, it is shareware, but it’s only $20 US to register. Yes, you can use it without registering provided you don’t mind the fixed size window, but it’s very cheap and you can do it online via PayPal or CC.



Love the look of that. Seems better than the standard MP3Tag.

Will download later and start putting it to use.

Thanks for your comments CAD.


[quote=“Lackster, post:7, topic:4469”]Love the look of that. Seems better than the standard MP3Tag.
Thanks for your comments CAD.[/quote]

You’re welcome, Michi! You will find that Mp3-Tag Studio is even more powerful than it looks at first. If you want to look at the info. which mAirList writes when you save (for example) cue points into a file’s MP3 tag, open the file in Mp3-Tag Studio’s Browse/Edit tags & flags tab, and click the Advanced ID3v2 info checkbox.

The checkbox opens a mini-window which shows the tags that other MP3 tag editors don’t 8), including iTunes tags etc. The mini-window stays open as you browse different files, and I almost guarantee you will be surprised at how much ‘stuff’ you will suddenly discover buried in your MP3s! Windows Media Player for example seems to add at least two ‘odd’ tags to any MP3 file it plays.



Is there a quick way of bulk embedding the data from all the current MMD files into their respective MP3 files ?


Load all items into the playlist (thereby importing the MMD data) and run the following script:

var i: integer;

for i := 0 to CurrentPlaylist.GetCount - 1 do

Make sure that no item is loaded into any player. Turn off auto-load first.

Cheers Torben.

I really must get into scripting as you seem to be able to do most things with it!

Yes, scripting makes mAirList very powerful. Except for the GUI, you have control over everything what’s “inside” mAirList.