MP3 Tag data


I am trying to get Station Playlist Creator and mAirList to ‘see’ the same tag data (or replicate the info from one tag format to the other so they both have the same info).

I have attached a short audio file which has been tagged using Station Playlist’s track tool but I can’t see any tag info in CAD’s favourite tagger MP3 Tag Studio although I can see the data if I look at the end of the file with a hex viewer.

Does anyone have details of the way that Station Playlist uses to save data in the MP3 file?



Clean.mp3 (60.5 KB)

Maybe this thread will help :,3386.msg22706.html#msg22706

Have been trying to do the same, but unfortunately haven’t been very successful yet but will keep trying.


Thanks for this - I knew I had seen something about this before but could not find the thread!

Will check it out further tonight.

Does anyone know of a program which can read the SPL tags? (Or a whizz with programming ???)


As stated in the other thread, SPL tags are APEv2 tags, which can be read with MP3Tag, according to Mr. Davy in that other thread (which also has full instructions!).

Just a pity that MP3-Tag Studio doesn’t read APE tags. :frowning:

I should be more patient and read the other thread rather than post something quickly before heading out!

Will continue this on the other thread …